Rainer in his former studio
Creating portraits is something Rainer Andreesen has been doing as far back as he can remember. 

Born in 1963 in Prince Rupert, B.C. Canada, Rainer's artistic ability was encouraged throughout his childhood and adolescence. With a desire to paint and the urging of his high school instructors, Rainer pursued a career in art by attending a four year intense Arts and Design program at Capilano College in Vancouver, Canada. In 1986, after graduating with honors, Rainer excelled in the advertising industry with design and illustration at a top ad agency and design studio for six years. In that time, he also opened a successful design studio where a fashion photographer client encouraged him to model on a project. Shortly after that Rainer was recruited by an exclusive modeling agency in Milan Italy, and worked with such clients as Giorgio Armani, Valentino, Zenya and Hugo Boss.
During the three years he lived in Europe, Rainer was deeply influenced by the museums, galleries, and churches he discovered, traveling from city to city.
Following his European adventures, New York beckoned and remains Rainer's place of residence. However, most of his time is spent in Los Angeles at his Hancock park studio where he devotes his time to painting in oils. Inspiration comes from all places and people for Rainer, whether it is watching a broadway play, or spending time with friends, or in his travels, that modeling still allows him. "Life has a wonderful opportunity to paint your experience, and I am always looking at life on a canvas." Inspiration also comes from a lot of the books that line his studio walls of old master painters such as John Singer Sargent, James Whistler, Whilliam Merrit Chase, and Rembrandt. Music plays a big factor in the inspiration of his painting also. "I often make a playlist for each painting. It helps the flow and essence of what I am working on and it can also inspire a painting all together."

Rainer's process starts with an idea which will be sketched out in a rough graphic drawing. He then takes many photographs of his subject matter and pieces them together to create the composition that feels right for the painting. A small study usually follows from the sketched composition. After living with the study and learning from it, Rainer will begin drawing out the shapes on the surface which suits the final painting best. A thin oil sketch is followed by blocking in with a thicker layer to allow the light values to be determined. The third layer is usually the most intense and involves the most focus and creativity of brush work. Final touches with detail builds the forth and final layer.

With all the influence that surround Rainer's daily life, and his strong sense of design, he is emerging as a strong force in the art world of today. Rainer's work is widely collected by the likes of Jennifer Garner, Alan Alda, David Hyde Pierce, Ken Olin, Martin Short, Rosie O'Donnell, Clive Davis, Alfed Molina, Nathan Lane and JJ Abrams.